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The Person

ExCentric Consulting Erwin HemetsbergerErwin Hemetsberger.

Born and bred in Upper Austria, I grew up and studied in Vienna and received further education in Austria and abroad, broadening my horizon.

They say that Upper Austrians have a stubborn streak and that people from Vienna are too obliging. Both characteristics are probably part of my personality, and I try to make the best of it – combining steadiness and perseverance with the willingness to look at things from a new perspective. In any case, I was born a very inquisitive person. What makes people tick? How do markets work? What affects societies?

My curiosity is also at the root of my overwhelming desire to learn new things in theory and practice. I have two university degrees in business administration; I am a systemic coach and am currently training as a psychotherapist (integrative psychotherapy).

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The Company

ExCentric. After almost 20 years of working in the field of strategic marketing for multinational groups, I founded ExCentric Consulting in January 2014, indulging in two of my passions as a self-employed entrepreneur: on the one hand the passion for helping companies to position themselves and their products successfully by means of tried-and-tested, but also the latest methods of management theory and management practice (neuromarketing). ExCentric means: standing out from the crowd, being different, yet successful.

Companies, products and brands are thus presented in a favourable light. As a consequence, products and brands will practically sell themselves.

On the other hand I wish to help people in executive positions find new perspectives. In particular as far as successfully meeting the ever-growing and ever more complex demands of day-to-day work is concerned. Here, too, the motto is to be “excentric”: abandoning rigid ways of thinking, daring a change of perspective, discovering resources and solutions that have been overlooked before.

ExCentric Consulting positions people, products and companies.