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    ExCentric-Consulting-Heureka-1ExCentric Consulting positions people, products and companiesric Consulting.

    My priority is to reveal new perspectives and insights in close cooperation with my partners; only then my consulting services start – if you, as my client, wish so. We believe that it is primarily your own ressources that should be identified and utilised. They often contain the most obvious solution to a problem. In addition, such an approach is often the most economical option for a company and the one that motivates the staff to the greatest extent. As a rule, the individual person is best suited to find a solution to his or her unique problem; sometimes you simply have to take a look from a different perspective. We will help you do just that!

    As far as external resources and consulting services are concerned, we use state-of-the-art tools that promise success. We cooperate with top institutions from the fields of research and practice in order to be able to give a top performance ourselves.

    At the same time we keep up with the latest trends and aim at offering tried-and-tested as well as up-to-date solutions, provided that they have proven successful in practice. Free downloads of a range of tools for analysing your company in advance can be found at Service/Templates.