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ExCentric Consulting Heureka 3Heureka!“ is the first tool to combine systemic coaching with know-how from the fields of marketing and distribution. As practised in personal coaching and in contrast to classic business consulting techniques, the coach does not regard himself as the expert for the client’s problem. On the contrary, the client – the CEO, the marketing or sales director, the brand or product manager – is the real expert. Only he or she is able to realistically assess the product, the brand, the competitors and the market environment. Only he or she knows about the resources and limitations of the company.

Sometimes, however, an overload of operative work, internal bureaucracy or simply professional blindness, which is often an unpleasant side effect of long years of experience, may keep the executive from seeing the obvious solution.

„Heureka!“ calls “truths” into questions, changes positions, sharpens perceptions and establishes alternatives– always with a view to a certain, tangible marketing or sales target and never just theoretically and in abstract ways. The aim is for the client to use existing resources to solve the problem, no matter if it is a strategic or an operative question in connection with the marketing mix.