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In order to meet our own demands, ExCentric Consulting exclusively cooperates with leading companies and institutions. Neurensics , based in Amsterdam, is Europe’s top address for neuromarketing with direct access to neuroscientific know-how and state-of-the-art techonology. Neuroscientists from the Universtiy of Amsterdam, psychologists, brand specialists and communications experts engage in research and development and provide custom-made consulting that is close to the market. NEURENSICS

Neuromarketing Labs are THE European experts on NeuroPricing© and other areas within the field of neuromarketing. The young company, with its team of neuroengineers, neurobiologists, behavioural economists and others, has access to an excellent network of top scientists from all over the – thanks to its founder and due to its premises near Stuttgart.


ExCentric Consulting is a member of NMSBA, the international neuromarketing science & business assosciation as well as the Austrian Society of Advertising Science.

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