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These are the questions asked by our clients.


FAQ – „Check

What is the “Check” box of tools actually for?

Why do we offer the “Check” box of tools for free?

What if I do want to make use of support or feedback?


FAQ – „Heureka!“ and „Coach“

What is the difference between (expert) coaching and (expert) consulting?

What kind of problems can I use “Heureka!” for?

Consulting services are ubiquitous. What makes ExCentric Consulting stand out?

What is the difference between the products „Heureka!“ und „Coach“?


FAQ – „Neuro“

What can I test with neuromarketing?

How expensive is neuromarketing for the client?

Can a medium-sized business afford neuromarketing in the first place?

Why is sample size so small in the field of neuromarketing, and are the results even valid?

Neuromarketing is a comparatively new field of research and the talk of the town. Why should I rely on ExCentric Consulting specifically?

What problems are neuromarketing tools best suited to deal with?